Safeguarding Children Policy

This is a policy for protecting children, whom we define as people under 16, since we mostly treat those aged 16 or above as adults and let them attend club activities unaccompanied. “Juniors” means people under 18. “Parents” include carers.

In addition to this policy, the club adopted the ECF Child Protection Policy on 11 March 2021 and will comply with it.

Club activities include Blitz and Rapid tournaments, team matches (home and away), social chess, and the club’s AGM. By participating, or letting your child participate, in a club activity you are accepting your responsibilities below.

Except for matches where the club’s junior team are playing, we don’t organise activities solely for juniors. We don’t have the resources to keep an eye on every child present all the time, though club officers do try to be observant and responsive. We regard parents as primarily responsible for the safety of their children attending club activities.

Overriding duties of all juniors aged 16 or above attending a club activity

If you experience, observe or get information about any actual or potential harassment or abuse, sexual or otherwise, at a club activity, you must report it right away to an officer of the club.

Officers and the Committee shall deal with such reports so far as possible in line with the club’s Complaints Procedure.

To parents or other adults accompanying children

Please accompany your child throughout the club activity and take him or her home afterwards. Don’t leave him or her unaccompanied in our venue but stay in the same room or at least the building. If you do need to leave the building for a short period, please tell the person in charge.

To adults generally

Please don’t take or publish photos of any child attending this activity unless you’ve obtained prior written permission from the child’s parent.

If you have any concerns about someone taking photos at this activity, please notify the person in charge or a club officer.

To juniors aged 16 or 17

So far as the club is concerned, you may attend any club activity unaccompanied and without needing your parent’s consent. If your parents think otherwise, that’s between you and them, but we let them attend any club activity where you are present – whether you want them there or not!

To Child Protection Officer, organiser, team captain, and other club officers

You may stop unacceptable behaviour (including child on child bullying) at activities for unaccompanied children by separating the children from each other and from the group. Please supervise the miscreants suitably and return them as soon as possible to the care of their parents or carers.

Do not use any form of corporal punishment. If physical restraint is absolutely necessary to prevent injury to any person (including the child needing restraint) or to prevent serious damage to property, then you may use the minimum necessary restraint — but for that purpose only, and without risking injury to the child.

Date: 11th September 2023
Signed: Chris Rogal, Child Protection Officer