Privacy Notice

We take the privacy of our members seriously, and are committed to abiding by the requirements of UK data protection and privacy legislation.

We collect no personally identifying information of anyone who simply visits this website.

When you register to become a member of the Club, we ask you for the following information:

  • Your full name;
  • Your contact information, including an email address and any other details (e.g. telephone number) you would like us to use for Club purposes as set out in this Privacy Notice;
  • Whether or not you will be under 18 on the first day of our membership year. If you are under 18 on that day, we also ask for the full name and contact information of a parent or guardian, who should have given their consent to your registration;
  • Your ECF grading code and FIDE ID, if you have one (this is so that we can submit your results for grading if you play in any of our graded events);
  • Whether or not you would like to be added to any Club WhatsApp groups (which would make your telephone number visible to other members) - this is entirely optional;
  • Your Twitter account, if you would like us to refer to it in our tweets.

This data is stored in private spreadsheets, which are only accessible by Committee members who need to view them in the course of Club operations (see below for examples). Member names and email addresses are also stored in our mailing list management software.

We use our members' personal information only in order to run the Club, and we do not pass it on to any third parties, with the following exceptions:

  • When graded games are played, player identities and results are shared with the English Chess Federation and/or FIDE, to facilitate grading.
  • Player names, grades, ECF identifiers, results and contact information may be shared with competition organisers when players participate in external competitions, such as Leagues. (In the case of junior players, we will share the contact information of parents/guardians rather than the juniors themselves.)
  • Player names, grades and results are published on our website in match reports and other articles, and shared with our contact lists and social media accounts.
  • Cases where we believe it is necessary to ensure a member’s welfare.
  • Cases where we are required to share it by law.

We keep members' registration data no longer than two years after it is submitted (all members need to resubmit their information every year in order to register for the next season). The only exceptions are member names and email addresses, which will remain on our mailing lists until the member asks to unsubscribe.

If any member wants us to delete their personal information at any time, we will do so, although this will make it impossible for us to contact that person about Club events, and in some cases (e.g. if it leaves us unable to request payment of membership or renewal fees) it may make it impossible for that person to continue being a Club member.

Our legal basis for collecting this information under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the “legitimate interests” basis (which you can read more about here on the ICO website). Our purposes in collecting and processing member data are:

  • To organise Club events (including League matches) and keep members and the general public informed about Club activities
  • To solicit membership renewals
  • To collect Club membership fees
  • To identify junior members who require consideration under our safeguarding policy, and to ensure we have a way to contact a parent or guardian if we need to

We aim to collect the minimum data about our members which is necessary to achieve these purposes, and we think that the information we ask for is necessary and proportionate.

We may need to make updates to this policy from time to time. These updates will be shared with members by email, using the latest registered address we have for them.

If any member or prospective member would like more information about the topics discussed in this policy, please contact any member of the Committee.