COVID-19 information

This page will be kept up-to-date with the latest information on how our activities have been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last update: Sunday 18th October, 2020

We currently do not expect to organise any in-person or over-the-board events until well into 2021.

Our attempt to organise social events under current government rules did not attract enough interest to be worth pursuing further. Since then, London has been placed under more stringent “high alert level” rules, which would make indoor gatherings essentially impossible, even if demand existed.

We are therefore focusing our activities online for the time being. Our 2020 Club Championship is being held online, and we are entering teams in the newly-formed London Online Chess League.

Invitations to participate in these events are being emailed to all our members.

Please keep an eye on our calendar and news pages for information about our events.