COVID-19 information

This page will be kept up-to-date with the latest information on how our activities have been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last update: Friday 25th September, 2020

Social gatherings are possible under current government rules, but only if they are small (six people or fewer) and some fairly onerous precautions are taken. The “rule of six”, which is expected to last until at least March 2021, unfortunately prevents us from running most of our traditional over-the-board events, including league matches and blitz tournaments.

We are currently exploring whether there is sufficient interest from members to justify organising small over-the-board social chess evenings under the current circumstances. Anybody interested in such events should contact us as soon as possible, as described on that page.

Sadly, we understand that the Middlesex League will not be organising an online version this season, and so our team competitions are suspended for the time being. This means that apart from any small-scale social chess evenings we are able to organise, we are currently limited to online events that we organise ourselves.

Please keep an eye on our calendar and news pages for information about our events.