Our Constitution

Established 1947

Affiliated to the Middlesex County Chess Association


1. Club year

The financial year shall run from 1st April to the following 31st March. However, subscriptions shall be payable for the season from 1st October to the following 30th September.

2. Committee

The day-to-day management shall be vested in a Committee who shall be elected at each AGM of the club and shall consist of the Officers of the Club and such other members as may be appointed at an AGM. The Officers shall be the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captains, Championship Director and Website Manager. Four members shall form a quorum at Committee meetings. The Committee may fill any vacancy until the next AGM.

3. Membership

Membership is open to all, except that the Committee may bar, suspend or expel anyone deemed unsuitable or who defaults in paying their subscription.

4. Subscriptions

Subscriptions shall be determined at the AGM. Reduced rates may be charged for those paying promptly and for juniors and other special groups as determined at an AGM. Members joining during a season shall be charged pro rata for the remainder of the season. In cases of genuine hardship the Treasurer shall have discretion to reduce the subscription.

5. Members

Members will be eligible to play in matches, if selected, and will also be eligible to play in any tournament organised by the Club. However, anyone whose subscription for the season has not been paid by the end of October shall not, until their subscription has been paid, be eligible to play for the Club or in any tournament for members of the Club and shall only be allowed to play in an open tournament on paying the entry fee charged to non-members.

6. Visitors

A non-member (unless barred by the Committee) will be allowed to attend the Club as a visitor. The first two visits will be free and thereafter visitors (other than any who merely watch) will pay a fee decided by the Committee. Visitors will not be eligible to participate in the Club championship but shall be eligible to participate in open events.

7. Guest members

Persons may at the invitation of a team captain register as guest members but only for the purpose of playing in team matches, and so that they shall not otherwise enjoy any benefits of membership or be eligible to be officers of the Club or attend general meetings of the Club or to receive any discount available to members of the Club in any open events organised by the Club. A guest member shall pay a fee as determined by the Committee and it shall be the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that it is paid. However not more than one guest member shall play in any match.

8. Club evenings

The opening times shall be determined by the Committee. Chess equipment shall be provided by the Club for use at the Club premises and must be returned to the cupboard at the end of each session.

9. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held on a date determined by the Committee in May, June or July in each year. At least 14 days’ notice of it shall be given by the Committee to members by email or by post. If the Chairman is not present someone shall be elected to act in his place at the meeting. Any matter may be raised and decided by simple majority at an AGM including one involving a change in the rules except that any matter that involves a radical alteration in the affairs of the Club (as determined by the Chairman) will require at least 14 days notice and to be supported by not less than two thirds of those voting on the resolution. The Officers will report to the AGM on the matters for which they are each responsible.

10. Activities

The Club shall enter teams into such chess leagues, hold such Club tournaments and carry on such chess activities as determined at an AGM or by the Committee.

11. Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be convened by the Committee at any time and the same provisions as for an AGM shall apply to an EGM. Alternatively at least 10 members may on written application to the Chairman or the Secretary require the Committee to summon an EGM and if the Committee does not within 14 days give notice to summon an EGM to be held within not more than 21 days the requisitionists may themselves convene the EGM.

12. Matters not covered

Any matters not covered by these Rules or by a currently effective decision of a general meeting may be determined by the Committee.