GM Cherniaev wins May FIDE Rapid!

Saturday 25 May, 2024

On Thursday, we hosted a FIDE-rated rapid tournament at the Cumberland Club. The format was similar to our monthly blitz, but with a slightly slower time limit (15+0 instead of 10+0) and four rounds instead of six.

The event was won by GM Alexander Cherniaev with a perfect score of 4/4. Orest Stus won second prize with 3½/4; best Hendon player was Jonathan Rubeck, who was joint third with 3/4.

Many thanks to Lance Leslie-Smith and Adam Raoof for running the tournament!

Full standings:

  • 1: GM Alexander Cherniaev (4/4)
  • 2: Orest Stus (3½/4)
  • 3-5: Jonathan Rubeck, Marceli Ciesielski, Ilya Iyengar (3/4)
  • 6-9: Ben Assirati, Gary Senior, Samuel Tombs, Armaan Nilim (2½/4)
  • 10-17: Lion Lebedev, Salvatore Pepe, ACM Gautam Sriram, Shanjit Trishad, Matt Brewer, Ashraf Hossain Mohammed, Maximo Pollack, Djad Ben-Eshak (2/4)
  • 18: Ben Keohane (1½/4)
  • 19-22: Taohai Khan, Tim L Rogers, Xuanyi Cai, Chris Lowis (1/4)
  • 23-24: Oscar Worrall, Damien Sobolevski (0/4)

Full results available here.