Three-way tie in January blitz

By Andrew Medworth, Hendon Club Captain
Sunday 14 January, 2024

A very happy New Year to all our members and friends!

Our first event of 2024 took place on Thursday, with an excellent turnout at our monthly blitz. The tournament ended, somewhat unusually, with a three-way tie for first place between Tom Shepherd, Lut Yin Luke Lau and Harry Bryant on 5/6.

Congratulations to them, and also to Jonathan Rubeck who was top Hendon member with 3½/6.

Thanks as always to Adam Raoof and Lance Leslie-Smith for running the tournament!

Full standings:

  • 1-3: Tom Shepherd, Lut Yin Luke Lau, Harry Bryant (5/6)
  • 4-5: Stanley Badacsonyi, Kai Hanache (4½/6)
  • 6-12: Rock Yu, Kian Shah, Savin Dias, Daniel-Luca Olteanu, Ilya Iyengar, Peter F Anderson, Gregory Mostyn (4/6)
  • 13-14: Jonathan Rubeck, Vikas Sajanani (3½/6)
  • 15-24: Petr Limonov, Salvatore Pepe, Maximo Pollack, Rishi Chotai, Orest Stus, Ben Keohane, Jonathan Clark, Pepi Eirew, Gary Senior, GM Alexander Cherniaev (3/6)
  • 25: Anthony Bolchover (2½/6)
  • 26-35: Sebouh Takvorian, Armaan Nilim, Zack Jaffe, Nicolas Levy-Heidmann, Lion Lebedev, Nikhil Dewan, Damian Anthony Wong, Christopher A Levy, Kush Somchand, David Ben-Nathan (2/6)
  • 36: Alex Baroukh (1½/6)
  • 37-38: Xander Lee, Pranav Khanna (1/6)
  • 39: Djad Ben-Eshak (0/6)

Full results available here.