Friendly draw with Muswell Hill

By Hendon captain Andrew Medworth
Wednesday 6 October, 2021

Last night, a Hendon team made its way to Muswell Hill to play a start-of-season friendly match for players rated 2000 or below. The match was closely contested and ended in a tie. Many thanks to Muswell Hill for hosting, and to everyone who played!

Muswell Hill Muswell Hill Hendon Hendon
Alper Dilek
1960 0 - 1
Daniel Duma
Dominic Norcliffe-Brown
1803 0 - 1
David Amior
Laurens Stegink
1 - 0
Onur Ayan
Niall Guinness
1608 0 - 1
Faye Ainscow
Sadik Bugraisler
1 - 0
Stanley Jacobs
Fred Ceder
1 - 0
Matty Berenblut
Robert Sharrock
0 - 1
Marcel Berenblut
Tom Butler
1 - 0
Tony Artman
4 - 4

This match was suggested by Muswell Hill, to get the season started, since the Middlesex League is getting underway a bit later than normal this year. It was a great opportunity to offer over-the-board playing opportunities to some of our members who have only played online until now!

There was a very good atmosphere at the Clissold Arms, with more experienced players helping newcomers get used to playing over the board. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and we hope to see everyone again over the course of the season!

One thing that really struck me, as I sat outside the match room reading a book, was just how many people have got into chess during the past year and are now looking to take their interest further. A couple of Muswell Hill members came up to me and offered me a casual game, having been playing chess for less than a year.

This is really encouraging, and it seems clear we have all the necessary ingredients for a chess boom in this country, if we can take advantage of it!

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