June Blitz biggest for two and a half years!

Friday 3 June, 2022

Last night’s June FIDE Blitz tournament was our biggest night at the Cumberland Club so far, with 44 players participating, making it our largest Blitz since January 2020!

The tournament was won by GM Alexander Chernaiev, ahead of a strong field including two FMs. Jonathan Rubeck won the prize for highest-placed Hendon player.

Full standings:

  • 1: GM Alexander Cherniaev (6/6)
  • 2-3: FM Rafe Martyn, Stefanus Kf Phan (5/6)
  • 4-6: FM T.S. Venkataramanan, Connor Clarke, Jonathan Rubeck (4½/6)
  • 7-14: Bussche Steven Vanden, Harry Li, Zain Patel, Lalit Maganti, Ben Keohane, Max Hort, Abhinav Reddy Bathula, Ernest Ignatovic (4/6)
  • 15-17: Zafar Iqbal, Duncan Kerr, Michael Green (3½/6)
  • 18-28: Dylan Mize, Harry Bryant, Donnell Matthew O, Gopakumar Siddharth, David Amior, Jean-Claude Sartenaer, Alexander Davies, Stanley Badacsonyi, Nikhil Dsouza, Gary Senior, Andrew Medworth (3/6)
  • 29: Caitano Demelo (2½/6)
  • 30-39: Ruslan Mutafov, Ivan Georgiev, Taha Iqbal, Orest Stus, Davi Diniz Afonso, Arun Mahtani, Max Michener, Damien Sobolevski, Chris Rogal, Shanjit Trishad (2/6)
  • 40-42: David Lawson, Barry A H David, Maximo Pollack (1½/6)
  • 43: Matan Potishman (1/6)
  • 44: Yashvardhan Veeturi (0/6)

Full results available here.

Many thanks to Adam and Lance for organising! These tournaments are a vital recruiting tool for the club, and we look forward to continuing events of this size in the future!

Round 5 in full swing
Round 5 in full swing