Club Championship round 2 results

Thursday 8 October, 2020

On 1st October, the second round of our online 2020 Club Championship was held on Tornelo.

Only three games took place on the night, with two games (between Robert Kender and Eric Eedle, and between Dev Ranka and Stanley Jacobs) delayed to 8th October.

Robert won his game to go into the sole lead, since David and Eugenia drew their game. Andrew Medworth also beat Gul Kapur with the White pieces, after both players had taken a Round 1 bye, so he joins David and Eugenia in the chasing pack on 1½. The only other decisive game saw Stanley get his first point.

With just two rounds played, the tournament is still wide open!

Well done to all the players, and thank you to Adam Raoof for organising!

It’s still not too late for club members to enter this tournament! Just enter here, and you will receive half-point byes for rounds 1 and 2. Members from either 2019-20 or 2020-21 are welcome. For details, see the original announcement.

The next round will take place on Thursday 15th October.


White Black
1 David Amior 1819 ½ - ½ Eugenia Karas 1539
2 Robert Kender 1713 1 - 0 Eric Eedle 1788
3 Andrew Medworth 1788 1 - 0 Gul Kapur 1480
4 David Lewis 1420 ½ - ½ Nick Murphy 1470
5 Dev Ranka 0 - 1 Stanley Jacobs 1400


  • Half-point: Chris Rogal


  • 1: Robert Kender (2/2)
  • 2-4: David Amior, Eugenia Karas, Andrew Medworth (1½/2)
  • 5-7: Eric Eedle, Chris Rogal, Stanley Jacobs (1/2)
  • 8-10: Gul Kapur, Nick Murphy, David Lewis (½/2)
  • 11: Dev Ranka (0/2)

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