4th Hendon Evening Rapidplay

Thursday 24 February, 2011

Hendon’s 4th Evening Rapidplay, held on 24th February 2010 in the Big Hall at our usual venue, drew 30 players and ended in a three way tie between FM Craig Thomson, Hendon’s Chris Rogal, and Slavik Kalinowski on 3.5/4.

It was very competitive, there were lots of close finishes, so we didn’t have time for a fifth bonus round! There were four rounds of graded games, 15 minutes per person per game, based on the swiss system. The winners got £20 each for their labours.

Top standings:

  • 1-3: Thomson, Craig; Kalinowski, Slavik; Rogal, Chris (3½/4)
  • 4-6: Landau, Jonathan; Levene, Joseph; Iwi, David (3/4)
  • 7-13: Rohrer, Finlo; Pepe, Salvatore; Iwi, Graham; O'Molloy, Eamonn; Cossins, Neil; Chambers, Bethnal; Simms, Geoff (2½/4)
  • 14-18: Somupillai, Gengadharan; Ainscow, Faye; Alakija, Ademola; Jordan, Tom; Fischer, Simon (2/4)
  • 19-24: Pickering, Peter; Pliskin, Ray; Yu, Alvin; Jones, David; Woolman, Harry (1½/4)
  • 25-28: Lennard, Graeme; Cooper, John; Warsop, Zakary; Marwaha, Devansh; Hulstrom, Tony (1/4)
  • 29-30: Ainley, Elliot; Goulbourne, Nick (0/4)

30 players participated.