GM Cherniaev wins October blitz!

Sunday 15 October, 2023

On 5th October, we hosted our second FIDE Blitz of the season at the Cumberland Club. The event was won by GM Alexander Cherniaev with a perfect score of 6/6.

Second place was taken by Avyukt Dasgupta with 4½. The prize for top Hendon player was shared between David Amior and Jonathan Rubeck (4). Congratulations to all the prize-winners!

Apologies for the slightly late publication of this report! Many thanks as always to Adam Raoof for running the event.

Full standings:

  • 1: GM Alexander Cherniaev (6/6)
  • 2: Avyukt Dasgupta (4½/6)
  • 3-9: Savin Dias, Alex Freeland, Maximillian Muskath, David Amior, Javier Cabrera Ramos, Anthony Bolchover, Jonathan Rubeck (4/6)
  • 10: Jonathan Clark (3½/6)
  • 11-18: Joseph Levene, Domenico Napolitano, Davi Diniz Afonso, Jorge Apaza, Salvatore Pepe, Alper Dilek, Jimmy Ortiz Elizarbe Cristhian, Kush Somchand (3/6)
  • 19: Kian Shah (2½/6)
  • 20-25: Lion Lebedev, Martin Wylde, Selvarattinam Genga Somupillai, Andrew Pe Smith, Chris Phillips, Puodziunas Vilius (2/6)
  • 26-27: Arun Mahtani, Nikhil Dewan (1/6)
  • 28-30: Lance Leslie-Smith, Alex Baroukh, Chris Rogal (0/6)

Full results available here.