Hendon 2 beat Willesden & Brent!

By Andrew Medworth, Hendon Club Captain
Saturday 4 February, 2023

On Wednesday, the Tigers visited Willesden & Brent at their new venue, in the Welford Health Centre near Wembley Stadium. The team enjoyed their visit very much, coming away with a 4½–1½ win!

Willesden & Brent 1 Willesden & Brent 1 Hendon 2 Hendon 2
Fulton, Anthony R
2053 ½ - ½
Raoof, Adam
Solomon, D Ajoy
1944 ½ - ½
Robinson, James
Moreno, Pol
2012 0 - 1
Rubeck, Jonathan
Jones, Keith S
1751 ½ - ½
Bolchover, Anthony
Liu, Erik
1599 0 - 1
Medworth, Andrew
Beachley, Evan
1672 0 - 1
Hutchinson, Mark
1½ - 4½

The start of the evening wasn’t entirely smooth, as I incorrectly told the team the start time was 7:30pm, when in fact it was 7:15!

However, it was plain sailing from there; Adam and James got two quick draws on the top two boards, and I won on Board 5 after my opponent first lost one rook to a knight fork, then the other!

Anthony got a solid draw in a pawn ending on Board 4. I was slightly confused by Jonathan Rubeck’s position on three, until I counted the rooks and realised Jonathan had an extra one, so he soon brought home the full point.

Thus, it didn’t really matter what happened on Board 6, but Mark won anyway, completing a very satisfying victory!

This is only the Tigers’ second win of the season, but all five matches so far have been away from home, whereas we now embark on a series of six consecutive home matches. Hopefully we can make the most of home advantage to move up the table!

Many thanks to everyone who played!

Mark and myself in action on Boards 5 and 6
Mark and myself in action on Boards 5 and 6
Jonathan and Anthony on Boards 3 and 4
Jonathan and Anthony on Boards 3 and 4