Luke Lau wins March blitz!

Friday 3 March, 2023

Our FIDE Blitz tournament had a new winner last night, as Luke Lau won the event with 5½/6. Congratulations to him! It’s great to see this tournament won by a Hendon member for a change!

The event was well attended, with 40 participants, which was great to see. It was run by Lance Leslie-Smith in Adam’s absence; many thanks to him, and to all who came along!

Full standings:

  • 1: Lut Yin Luke Lau (5½/6)
  • 2-3: Matthew O'Donnell, Supratit Banerjee (5/6)
  • 4-5: Oliver E D Coddington, David Amior (4½/6)
  • 6-10: Vikas Sajanani, AGM Ramos Javier Cabrera, Paul Chantrell, Lion Lebedev, Davi Diniz Afonso (4/6)
  • 11-15: Sandy Storey, Nishchal Thatte, Mohammad Hossein Mozaffari, Christopher A Levy, Aram Swiatkowski (3½/6)
  • 16-26: Francesco Sciaudone, Seho Lee, Orest Stus, Lior Yedid, Samuel Tombs, Beni Sisupalan, Kunal Ramchandani, Hao Ran Leung, Alex Baroukh, Polina Popovtseva, Amandus Tatschner (3/6)
  • 27-28: Joshua Spybey, Andrew Medworth (2½/6)
  • 29-35: Ezra Brass, Salvatore Pepe, Arthur Sacher, Dixena Shashank, Dominik Swiatkowski, Mark Hutchinson, Harry Lewis (2/6)
  • 36: William Walshe (1½/6)
  • 37-38: Faye Ainscow, Abhijeet Joshi (1/6)
  • 39: Maximo Pollack (½/6)
  • 40: Nasarullah Sheikh (0/1)

Full results available here.