Over-the-board matches are back!

By Hendon captain Andrew Medworth
Friday 1 October, 2021

Last night, we hosted a friendly match between a Hendon team and a “Rest of the Middlesex League” team at our new venue, The Holly Bush. This was something of a “relaunch event” for the Middlesex League, since Hendon were the last winners of Division 1 in 2019/20.

It was a closely contested match, but our guests ran out narrow winners. Nonetheless, it’s great to see the return of over-the-board matches, and we look forward to a full season of them!

Hendon Hendon Rest of Middlesex Rest of Middlesex
John Richardson
2365 0 - 1
Dominic Foord
Rob Willmoth
2220 ½ - ½
Bob Eames
Gary Senior
2215 0 - 1
Marco Gallana
Savas Marin Stoica
2120 ½ - ½
Francis Chin
Gautam Jain
2020 ½ - ½
D. Ian Calvert
David Levy
2013 ½ - ½
Leon Fincham
David Amior
1900 ½ - ½
Paul Conway
Jean-Claude Sartenaer
1810 1 - 0
Julie Oh
3½ - 4½

We started with a bit of a damp squib, as Rob Willmoth agreed a quick draw with Hackney’s Bob Eames and ran off to keep an eye on his junior 4NCL players. The other games, however, lasted at least two hours.

At 9:30pm or so, it looked like it was going to be a very friendly match indeed, as the first four games to finish ended in draws. The first decisive results came in at around 9:45pm though, with wins for the visitors on boards 1 and 3, with only Gautam and JC still playing, meaning the best we could hope for was a tie.

The match was decided in the visitors’ favour when Gautam agreed a draw with almost no time left on his clock. JC managed to defeat his young opponent, but it was only a consolation victory.

Many thanks to all who played – see you in the League!

Three of the games in progress
Three of the games in progress

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