Hendon joins the London Online Chess League!

Saturday 10 October, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Hendon Chess Club will be participating in the newly-formed London Online Chess League!

We are fielding two teams: one in the open division, and one in the rating-limited division (where teams must have an average rating below 1825 on the new ECF scale, equivalent to an old ECF rating of 150).

  • Matches will be played on Tornelo on Wednesday nights, starting at 7pm London time.
  • The first match night will be 21st October.
  • Each match will be played over four boards.
  • The time control will be 45 minutes each with an increment of 15 seconds per move.

Anyone wishing to play for Hendon in this competition should ensure they have renewed their Club membership - remember there is a discount available to 2019/20 members who renew their membership before 31st October!

(We are willing to consider selecting 2019/20 members for matches before 31st October, to allow people to try out the competition before deciding whether to renew, but 2020/21 membership will be a strict requirement for participation after that date.)

Once we have confirmed the match schedule, we will add the events to our calendar, and start inviting members to play.

We congratulate the London League on teaming up with legendary organiser and Hendon member Adam Raoof to make this league a reality!

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