Three-way tie in strong September Blitz

Thursday 3 September, 2009

GM Alexander Cherniaev shared top place in the September Blitz with Hendon players Cristian Mures and Daniel Ellis, followed closely by Willesden’s Guy Batchelor and Robert Feather. Michael Bennett took home the prize for Hendon’s top player.

A record-breaking 34 players turned out for the regular ‘First Thursday’ Hendon 10-minute Blitz on 3rd September. There were a number of very strong contenders for the prizes.

Russian Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev recovered from a loss to Paul du Buf from the Netherlands to share the top spot with Hendon first team regulars Cristian Mures and Daniel Ellis (all winning £20 each). Dan and Cristian were looking to take outright first with a win and played a barnstorming last round game that entertained the large crowd; but they couldn’t be separated at the end and had to split the point and the cash.

They were followed closely by Willesden’s Guy Batchelor and experienced blitz practitioner Robert Feather. Michael Bennett took home the beefed-up prize for Hendon’s top player with four points.

Top standings:

  • 1-3: GM Alexander Cherniaev, Cristian Mures, Daniel Ellis (5/6) Prize: £20 each
  • 4-5: Robert Feather, Guy Batchelor (4½/6)
  • 6-10: Peter Batchelor, Paul du Buf, Julian Way, Steven Coles, Michael Bennett (4/6) Prize: £10 to Michael for highest Hendon player
  • 11-14: Salvatore Pepe, Adeoye Dasaolu, Shane McCabe, Gary Senior (3½/6)
  • 15-19: Martin Leanse, David Iwi, Ivan Valigurskyy, Frank Sabin, Kishan Pattni (3/6)
  • 20-25: Ilan Dwek, Faye Ainscow, Jamie Goodwin, Simon Fischer, Floyd Anderson, Joshua Cavendish (2½/6)
  • 26-30: Ray Pliskin, Petr Vachtfeidl, Graeme Lennard, Steven Gaukrodger, Jacob Cheyette (2/6)
  • 31-32: Chris Jones, Paul Fischer (1½/6)
  • 33: Seymour Drummond (1/6)
  • 34: Barry David (0/6)

34 players participated.

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