January Blitz kicks off 2023!

Thursday 5 January, 2023

Happy New Year to all our members, and to our friends in the chess community in London and worldwide! We hope you enjoyed the holiday period and wish you every success and happiness in 2023.

The new year kicked off today with our January FIDE-rated Blitz tournament. Stanley Badacsonyi started 2023 as strongly as he finished 2022, winning the tournament with a perfect score for the third time this season. Congratulations to him!

Well done also to Leo, Niall and Mohammad for taking the runners-up spot with 4½/6. Top Hendon members were Joshua Spybey and Lion Lebedev with 4/6.

Full standings:

  • 1: Stanley Badacsonyi (6/6)
  • 2-4: Leo Sanitt, Niall Clarke, Mohammad Hossein Mozaffari (4½/6)
  • 5-7: Joshua Spybey, Lion Lebedev, Samuel Tombs (4/6)
  • 8-14: AIM Ethan Sanitt, David Amior, Jonathan Rubeck, Anthony Bolchover, Domenico Napolitano, Orest Stus, Andrew Medworth (3½/6)
  • 15-17: Gul Kapur, Callum Hill, Jacob Cameron-Potter (3/6)
  • 18-22: Salvatore Pepe, Martin Wylde, Alex Baroukh, Maximo Pollack, Polina Popovtseva (2½/6)
  • 23-25: Kunal Ramchandani, AIM M H V S S Gunathilaka, Mark Hutchinson (2/6)
  • 26-28: Arun Mahtani, Ankita Belur, Julie Oh (1½/6)
  • 29-30: Tom Garcia, Faye Ainscow (1/6)

Full results available here.

Many thanks once again to Adam Raoof and Lance Leslie-Smith for organising!

Please note that we have a FIDE Open Rapid tournament coming up on Thursday 19th January. It will be five rounds instead of six, with a slightly slower time limit. This is a one-off experiment, so please come and try it out!