Announcing September Blitz and social chess!

Monday 8 August, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our 2022/23 programme will kick off with a FIDE Blitz tournament on 1st September! We were planning a simultaneous exhibition with GM Alexander Cherniaev on 8th September, but unfortunately we have had to cancel it. A social chess evening will take place instead.

Details of the Blitz, including the entry form, may be found here.

We are grateful to GM Alexander Cherniaev for agreeing to give a simultaneous display to start off our new season on 8th September. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel this event.

At our AGM in July, several members said they would welcome more social chess evenings with a more casual atmosphere, on evenings where there are no matches. This seems like a perfect opportunity to hold one, so there will be a casual social chess evening on 8th September instead. We look forward to seeing you there!