Hendon 3 tie at King's Head on strike night

By Andrew Medworth, Hendon Club Captain
Wednesday 2 March, 2022

Last night, despite a Tube strike that left London near-paralysed, a dogged band of Hendon players made it to the Carpenter’s Arms near Marble Arch to contest a Middlesex League match with King’s Head. Despite one of us being unable to find transport to reach the venue, the match finished in a 3–3 tie.

Kings Head 2 Kings Head 2 Hendon 3 Hendon 3
Tomkin, Neil D
1743 ½ - ½
Medworth, Andrew
Grant-Ross, Peter
1690 0 - 1
Kent, Anthony R
Balatoni, Richard A
1707 ½ - ½
Maganti, Lalit
Jerram, R
1713 ½ - ½
Bryant, Harry
1 - 0
Huba, Mark J
1480 ½ - ½
Artman, Tony
3 - 3

Young Harry Bryant achieved a very creditable draw against a player rated over 1700 to get us off to a solid start. Further draws followed on Boards 1 and 3.

While Anthony Kent had a very promising position on Board 2, with his opponent tied up in knots, Tony Artman had a dangerous-looking position a pawn down in a queen ending. In the end, Anthony scored the full point, his opponent resigning shortly before being mated, and Tony’s opponent decided he couldn’t break through, leaving the match scores level.

Many thanks to everyone who turned out despite the difficult transport situation!

Hendon 3’s next match will be the return against Barnet Knights on 24th March. As always, you can find our full schedule of events here.