Our first nights at the Cumberland Club!

By Andrew Medworth, Hendon Club Captain
Sunday 17 April, 2022

I’m pleased to report that we have now had two very successful evenings of chess at our new venue, the Cumberland Club!

On 7th April, we had a well-attended evening of social chess, with several new people turning up, which was great to see: interest in chess clubs still seems to be riding high!

On 14th April, we had our first Middlesex League match at the Cumberland, with Hendon 3 facing off against Harrow 2. (Our first team was originally scheduled to play Hackney on the 14th as well, but that match is being rescheduled, as Hackney couldn’t raise a team so close to Easter.)

Hendon 3 Hendon 3 Harrow 2 Harrow 2
Kent, Anthony R
1767 0 - 1
Patel, Rishi
Tom Garcia
1511 0 - 1
Dhemrait, Jagdeep
Kapur, Gul
1483 1 - 0
Lyons, James
Jacobs, Stanley G
1397 0 - 1
Ivan, Austin
Maximo Pollack
1232 0 - 1
Dhemrait, Surjit S
Engelaityte, Evelina
~1000 0 - 1
Sivanandan, Bodhana
1 - 5

The Hendon 3 match saw two players (Tom and Max) making their Middlesex League debuts for Hendon in this match, which was great to see. However, Harrow 2 are one of the strongest teams in the division, with the lowest match-points-dropped so far; they brought a strong team, and ran out comfortable winners.

Many thanks to all who played! Hendon 3 has only one more match remaining this season, at home against Hammersmith 4 on 26th May.

The new venue seems to be working very well, and we look forward to many more successful events here in the future!