Medworth and Lewis are the 2020 club champions!

Thursday 5 November, 2020

This evening, our first ever online Club Championship came to a close on Tornelo.

Andrew Medworth became the 2020 Club Champion with 5½/6, two full points clear of the field, after defeating David Amior in a very sharp and tense fight.

Andrew led by a full point, so only needed to avoid defeat, but the position exploded out of the opening as he tried to exploit his lead in development. The position eventually resolved with a strange material balance of a rook and two bishops for Andrew against a queen and pawn for David, but the White pieces were very active and soon prevailed.

David sportingly allowed the game to end in checkmate - a fitting end to an edge-of-the-seat clash, well worthy of the final round!

David Lewis wins the David Jones trophy for the top player graded below 1675 (130 on the old ECF rating scale), finishing on 3½/6 after beating Stanley Jacobs.

Anthony Kent made a single-round appearance, having been unable to play in the previous rounds, and he won his game, making him technically the only player on 100%!


White Black
1 Andrew Medworth 1788 1 - 0 David Amior 1900
2 Eric Eedle 1788 1 - 0 Nick Murphy 1750
3 David Lewis 1465 1 - 0 Stanley Jacobs 1390
4 Gul Kapur 1533 1 - 0 Tony Artman
5 Dev Ranka 0 - 1 Anthony Kent 1750


  • 1: Andrew Medworth (5½/6)
  • 2-4: David Amior, David Lewis, Nick Murphy (3½/6)
  • 5: Eric Eedle (3/6)
  • 6: Gul Kapur (2½/6)
  • 7: Stanley Jacobs (2/6)
  • 8-9: Dev Ranka, Anthony Kent (1/6)
  • 10: Tony Artman (½/6)


  • Robert Kender (3/4)
  • Eugenia Karas (1½/2)
  • Chris Rogal (1/2)

Many thanks to all participants for collectively taking Hendon’s first step into cyberspace! Special thanks to Adam Raoof, for being our stalwart organiser and arbiter.

Let’s hope we are able to host our 2021 championship over the board - but if not, Tornelo has proven to be a worthy fallback option!

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