Hendon Chess Club enters the U125 Formula League!

Sunday 20 October, 2019

Below ECF 125? A new chance to play in team matches!

Hendon Chess Club and Barnet Knights (our associated club for juniors) are pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity for their members graded below 125 who want to play in more team matches.

The Middlesex League’s new Formula Division

The Middlesex League has formed a special Formula Division (outside the regular League) called “F4 Under 125”, which this season comprises Hendon, Barnet Knights, Athenaeum, and Hammersmith.

F4 matches will be played over four boards, home and away, with no promotion or relegation. Playing in the Formula Division won’t stop you also playing in the regular Middlesex League or vice versa. Several F4 matches (home and away) will be played alongside regular Hendon 1 and Hendon 2 league matches. You can find the full list of the two teams’ F4 fixtures here:

Early nights for Barnet Knights

Please note that all Barnet Knights F4 fixtures, whether home or away, will be played in a 2.5-hour session, by agreement with the other F4 clubs.

More standard play opportunities for Hendon’s improving members

Hendon Chess Club wants to give every interested U125 club member reasonable and roughly equal opportunities to play in team matches, regardless of grade. This policy applies not only to the new Hendon F4 team, but also to our Hendon 4 team which plays in Division 3 of the Middlesex League. This is a Hendon Chess Club policy; Barnet Knights will set its own rules.

So the fewer games that you as a club member have played in any of Hendon’s regular league or F4 matches, the more likely you are to be selected to play for Hendon F4 or Hendon 4 in future matches.

Join our squads now!

If your grade is under ECF 125, or you are ungraded, and you would like to join the squads for either Hendon F4 or Barnet Knights F4 (you can’t play for both in the same season!), or for Hendon 4, please contact the team captains: