Jaguars are Division 2 champions!

Tuesday 27 March, 2018
Hendon 3 Metropolitan 1
Friedgood, David
181 ½ - ½
Calvert, D Ian
Ellis, Daniel
- 1 - 0
Vachtfeidl, Petr
Raoof, Adam N
176 ½ - ½
Lepetun, Jan
Hudson, Julian
167 1 - 0
Bishop, Geoffrey L
Kent, Anthony R
151 1 - 0
Stewart, Noel M
Dias, Savin
153 ½ - ½
Kitchen, John F
Medworth, Andrew
147 ½ - ½
Farrell, Joseph B
Pattni, Kishan
142 0 - 1
Vasco, Giovanni
5 - 3

Congratulations to the Jaguars, who clinched the Middlesex League Division 2 title in their final match of the season against visitors Metropolitan! See below for a list of the whole Jaguars squad for this season.

Co-captain Anthony Kent says:
“A tight match. Bef Tahk won early on with a 13…Qh4 check then grabbing the opponent’s hanging bishop on c4. Kishan’s Black Lion never really roared as the exchange was lost, so 1-1. Dan won an exciting game, and a string of draws took us to the 4-3 required to win the title. I got to a rook and same-coloured bishop middle game after damaging my opponent’s pawns, and ground out the win while everything was packed away and the hand was hovering over the light switch.”

Co-captain Julian Hudson says:
“Well done all! And especially Kamlesh for doing the hard work behind the scenes to make it possible. Our record as a team has been outstanding… It’s been a great season and we deserve it. Three cheers for Kamlesh!”

Co-captain Kamlesh says:
“Last night’s 5-3 home win against Metropolitan 1 secures Hendon 3 the Middlesex Chess League Division 2 Championship.

This was the last match of the season and means we finish with 10 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. A fantastic feat.

And amazingly, there were 29 different players over the season. A great team effort.

Thank you to everyone who played. The team regulars were David G, Julian H, Anthony K, Roman M, Adam R, Jonathan R and earlier in the season Gautam J, Salvatore P and Federico R.

But the title was won thanks to all of us who played sometimes only 1-3 matches – stepping in to help the team.

Special mention goes to juniors Savin D and Jason C who played in the end of season games gaining key wins or draws.

P.S. I think there is a trophy for the club but sadly no medals, open top bus tour, win bonus or improved contracts for team players or team captains!”

Top of Division 2:

  1. Hendon 3 – 10.5/12 (64.5)
  2. Hammersmith 1 – 7.5/10 (50.5)
  3. Albany 1 – 4.5/9 (37)
  4. Harrow 1 – 4/10 (38.5)

The Jaguars of 2017-2018:
Jonathan Pein, Federico Rocco, Ed Stembridge, Gautam Jain, Gabriel Balouka-Myers, Salvatore Pepe, Oren Levene, Roman Mitra, FM David Friedgood, Michael Bennett, Daniel Ellis, Adam Raoof, Pranay Chauhan, Florian Lutard, Julian Hudson (co-captain), Jonathan Rubeck, Gideon Vecht, Anthony Kent (co-captain), Mo Islam, Andrew Medworth, Nick Murphy, Kamlesh Karia (co-captain), Hugh Fenwick, Jason Covey, Hassan Mugalu, Savin Dias, Jean-Claude Sartenaer, Jake Hung, Kishan Pattni