Four-way tie in Open Rapid

Thursday 13 September, 2012

IM Gyula Meszaros, Tomer Eden, Joseph Levene and Simon M Warman shared first place in our September Open Rapid tournament. This was a 4-round tournament, with games of 15 minutes per player. 36 players participated.

Top standings:

  • 1-4: Eden, Tomer; Warman, Simon; Meszaros, Gyula; Levene, Joseph (3½/4)
  • 5-8: Willmoth, Robert F; Lawrence, David S; Du Buf, Paul; Shaw, Miles (3/4)
  • 9-13: Bennett, Michael K; Rogers, Tim L; Lennard, Graeme; Altman, Joshua A; Iwi, David (2½/4)

36 players participated.