Enfield 1 v Hendon 3

Monday 24 January, 2011
Enfield 1 Enfield 1 Hendon 3 Hendon 3
Thethi, Pritpal S
185 0 - 1
Bigio, Jacob
Capes, Ian
168 1 - 0
Pepe, Salvatore
Capes, John S
144 0 - 1
Iwi, David
Kyriacou, Kyriacos
133 0 - 1
Sabin, Frank
Porter, William S
136 0 - 1
Limonov, Petr
Kascenaite, Simona
e130 1 - 0
Jones, David
Moran, Joe
e125 0 - 1
Pattni, Kishan
Cooper, Phil
107 1 - 0
Sabin, Andrew
3 - 5

Report by Kishan Pattni

Our 2nd away match this season came as no easy task! However it was encouraging that we had a full team there on time.

It took quite a while for us to get the first result of the day, and it was an impressive result on board 1. Earlier I saw Jacob had quite an aggressive attack, though I’m not sure how the game ended.

Salvatore and Andrew both had nice attacks going and were unfortunate to lose.

I didn’t get to see much of David Iwi’s and Petr’s games; however they always appeared comfortable and managed to win.

My game on the other hand was not too comfortable. The game was drawish for quite a while and at times I felt I could have been punished for some inaccuracies. This changed when I managed to obstruct my opponents development and go a pawn up. I mated my opponent in a cool way which cheered me up.

The final 2 games went to the death. Dave Jones was first to finish. He had a drawish position for much of the game. His opponent was clearly playing for time and just as Dave managed to win material, he lost on time. How frustrating!

This meant we had to yet again depend on the ever-reliable Frank. Although he was winning clearly, the entire atmosphere was tense and it came as a massive relief when his opponent’s flag fell.

The result leaves us with 6 wins out of 7! With just 3 games remaining surely we have to now win promotion! Come on Jackals!!!