Lions do double over King's Head

Monday 29 March, 2010

In another very close match, our 1st team beat a strong King’s Head team, to overtake them at the top of Division 1 of the Middlesex League.

Kings Head 1 Kings Head 1 Hendon 1 Hendon 1
McMichael, Richard J
213 0 - 1
Williams, Simon K
Wittmann, Jochen
202 0 - 1
D'Costa, Lorin AR
Spivack, Simon SY
197 ½ - ½
Summerscale, Aaron P
Black, Richard
197 ½ - ½
Mures, Cristian
Okike, David C
192 0 - 1
Senior, Gary
Thomas, Rik H
192 0 - 1
Eden, Tomer
Stevenson, James AB
192 ½ - ½
Raoof, Adam N
Mackenzie, Colin
188 1 - 0
Sanders, Isaac B
2½ - 5½

Report by Mike & Adam

This was a match of two halves – once again we were on the brink of defeat against a strong side and, as usual, the final result flatters the winning side.

First Half

Isaac’s recent results have included a 2100+ TPR in the Cappelle la Grande FIDE Open, and he’s even had a TWIC article devoted to him as one of England’s brightest young prospects. However, up against a very experienced opponent on board 8, he had an uncharacteristic loss of concentration early on which lost a rook. (0-1)

Adam then took a rock solid short draw – his first of the season – but only after checking every other board before agreeing to his opponent’s offer: a lesson for all of us! At that time we appeared to be doing well on a couple of boards and level on the others, so he was not to realise how close the match would become… (0.5-1.5)

Before long, Simon and Gary were still both doing well, but Lorin and Tomer were suffering. Aaron, still a bit rusty not having played a lot of league chess for years, was seemingly under pressure and consuming lots of time. Cristian was holding his own on Board 4. Tense!

Second Half

Simon rejected a variation that the crowd thought won immediately, for a line that actually turned out to be trickier. He still managed to punch his way though the complications with c4 and won quickly after exposing his opponent’s king. (1.5-1.5)

Simon recorded a video about this game. Part 1:

Part 2:

Lorin somehow got some counterplay in a lost position. His opponent, who had given away a won position in his game against Aaron in the match at Hendon, played much too fast after doing all the hard work and lost his queen to a skewer! (2.5-1.5)

Cristian then managed to draw an opposite coloured bishops ending under cosmetic pressure, though he made his opponent play it out to the end. (3-2)

Cristian always likes to play out positions to the end! The players agreed a draw here. (View on Lichess)

It turned out Aaron had it all worked out, as an exchange sac left him comfortably placed.

All of Tomer’s opponent’s pieces had managed to reach the 7th rank, and it looked as if he was just waiting to land the fatal blow…

Extra Time

Unfortunately with the pressure off, Aaron made an inaccurate 31st move and could only draw with minutes left on both clocks. The move he missed? Well, you can find that for yourself! (3.5-2.5)

White to play: you have 15 minutes to finish the whole game, and your opponent has 35 minutes. The clock is ticking. Can you find a win here? Remember, if you take too long thinking and don’t find it, you’ll probably lose on time in the quickplay finish! (View on Lichess)

Gary’s was the outstanding game of the night – he outplayed his strong opponent on both sides of the board, and then broke through in the centre, to win an excellent game. (4.5-2.5)

Black has just taken a pawn on b4. Now Gary sealed the win with 37.Rd4! After contemplating the twin threats of 38.Bxe6+ and 38. Rg4+ for a long time, his opponent decided the only way to prolong the game was 37…Qxe1+, after which the game lasted only a few more moves. (View on Lichess)

Tomer’s opponent may have overestimated his chances. He won a pawn, then got his pieces in a tangle and Tomer simply brought his King over to the queenside and won the exchange! (5.5-2.5)

Tomer’s game turned around when he won the exchange by 28. Nd6+ Ke7 29. Nc4 Kd8! (View on Lichess)

Division 1 Standings

  1. Hendon 1 – 9.5/10 (57.5)
  2. Kings Head 1 – 9/11 (60)
  3. Muswell Hill 1 – 6.5/14 (50.5)
  4. Ealing 1 – 6.5/9 (49.5)
  5. Hackney 1 – 3.5/8 (29.5)
  6. Hackney 2 – 3/12 (39)
  7. Hammersmith 1 – 1.5/10 (21.5)
  8. West London 1 – 1.5/8 (20.5)