Tigers promoted back to 2nd Division!

Thursday 25 February, 2010

With a comfortable 5½-2½ home win against visitors Enfield, our 2nd team clinched promotion back to the 2nd Division of the Middlesex League with a couple of matches to spare! With 5½/6 match points, we re-took the lead in the 3rd Division from Harrrow 1, who also recently secured promotion.

Hendon 2 Hendon 2 Enfield 1 Enfield 1
Bennett, Michael K
170 0 - 1
Thethi, Pritpal S
Iwi, David
162 1 - 0
Kyriacou, Kyriacos
Pepe, Salvatore
159 1 - 0
Efthymiou, Demetris
Jones, Chris S
151 0 - 1
McNish, David
Limonov, Petr
144 1 - 0
Dover, Robert
Jones, David
144 ½ - ½
Clarke, Anthony J
Rogal, Chris
143 1 - 0
Nicholas, Paul
Lennard, Graeme
120 1 - 0
Banks, Stephen
5½ - 2½

Mini-Report by Adam Raoof

So: going into this match Mike and Chris had done the maths and knew we needed a draw to guarantee promotion back into the second division. Enfield, however, can field a pretty strong team on a good day with the wind behind them. It was a relief therefore when Captain Steve sailed in and announced “we’ve got a weak team tonight”!

In practice it was not so easy. Chris J, celebrating his 50th birthday that day, lost a hard game against a Golders Green veteran. Then we had a solid draw from David Jones, and Chris R squeezed a win to level the match – good one, Captain!

Opinions were divided on the state of the match at that point. I thought it was gradually going our way, but I was mindful of the clock situation on Petr’s board (as usual: dire) and David Iwi’s board (level ending, refused a draw offer, heading into a time scramble). Mike was doing a magnificent job of disguising his material deficit in an endgame but it looked like his 180 (ex 190+) opponent was determined to try to win. In fact all the games were going the full distance!

Petr snapped up a loose piece. Salvatore too, with a neat tactic. David won an assured rook and pawn ending. Graeme ended all resistance with a crushing breakthrough in a Dutch Stonewall blocked position. The match was ours!

Now we need to get together a third team for next season!

Division 3 Standings

  1. Hendon 2 – 5.5/6 (31.5)
  2. Harrow 1 – 5/6 (30.5+U)
  3. Enfield 1 – 2.5/7 (27)
  4. West London 2 – 2/6 (20.5+U)
  5. Metropolitan 2 – 0/5 (9.5)

Note: U = adjournment

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