Lions win at home against champions Ealing

Thursday 15 April, 2010

In a crucial match against last season’s champions Ealing, our 1st team came out comfortable 6½-1½ winners. With 3 matches remaining, the Lions thus keep their position as front-runners in Division 1 of the Middlesex League.

Hendon 1 Hendon 1 Ealing A Ealing A
D'Costa, Lorin AR
229 1 - 0
Perkins, Alan H
Summerscale, Aaron P
220 1 - 0
Stanisic, Velko
Buchicchio, Giampaolo
2284F 1 - 0
Ociepka, Adrian
Mures, Cristian
199 1 - 0
Randall, Simon
Eden, Tomer
195 1 - 0
Ebbett, David
Raoof, Adam N
185 ½ - ½
Smith, Martin
Ellis, Daniel
179 1 - 0
Tserendorj, Sainbayar
du Buf, Paul
- 0 - 1
Lamb, H Michael
6½ - 1½

Match report by Dan Ellis

The Lions’ roar echoed through the Middlesex League Division 1 last night with a resounding win over Ealing. Their prey – the league championship – is now within their sights having been carefully stalked from the start of the season. One false move though and it will slip away like a hyena laughing in the wind.

Lorin D’Costa reached an instructive endgame position with four bishops on board and a couple of rooks. Ultimately the dominant position of his rook on the 7th rank proved good enough, and Lorin was able to decisively penetrate with his king in to the belly of black’s queenside pawn structure.

Lorin finished the game with 37. Rxh7! Kxh7 38. Bxd8 Kxh6 39. Kb4, and Black resigned as he can’t save the queenside pawns. (View on Lichess)

Aaron Summerscale seemed to simply outcalculate his opponent with black when the game reached its critical moment in the middle game. It was the cheeky mating threats that proved white’s undoing as he lost a couple of pawns and was unable to prevent black rooks getting through and then doubling on first the 7th rank and then the 8th.

Aaron’s opponent took the a-pawn with 32. Rxa5, but had to resign after 32…Rb1+ 33. Kh2 Rdd1!, as the advance 34…h4 will be decisive (View on Lichess)

‘The Don’ Buchicchio as he is swiftly becoming known (by Dan! – ed) provided another cool – seemingly effortless – performance on the next board. He surprised his opponent after 1.e4 e5 with 2. Ne2 and it seems his opponent failed to find the best response and actually played in to white’s hands after going into a line with Bb4. Some neat tactics at the end picked up the exchange and ensured the win.

After Giampaolo’s 16.Nb5!, Black was in all sorts of trouble. (View on Lichess)

Cristian played creatively as usual, putting his opponent on the back foot after his move 2…d5!, putting the question to white’s unsuspecting e-pawn. The game looked fairly equal but the wily Mures found a way (as usual) to sneak the win from thin air.

Cristian came up with 34…Qf4! and White called it a day. (View on Lichess)

Tomer cruised to victory in customary positional style, patiently outmanoeuvring his opponent and eventually reaching a decisive material advantage.

Adam reached a comfortable and active position with black but did not have a clear advantage when a draw was agreed against his tough opponent. Captain Marvellous held on to his unbeaten record for the season (8.5/11) and was looking very solid as usual.

I managed to win my game against a tough defensively-minded opponent. I did this by following the advice of Emmanuel Lasker in his book Common Sense in Chess: occupy the centre, develop the knights, then the bishops, then castle and connect the rooks, then play a middlegame, then win. I think this is good advice by any standards. So it proved, as my centralised pieces were more active and eventually crashed through against an uncastled black king after a late pawn break with c4.

Already a piece up, Dan set a cunning trap with 31. Nf4! His opponent took the bait with 31…Qxf4, and lost to 32. Qc5+, which wins the queen. (View on Lichess)

On board 8, Paul slipped to an unlucky loss in a tight tactical struggle with chances for both sides. Playing black for the 8th time in a row, Paul was unable to assume the initiative that he enjoys playing with so much.

The final score then was 6½-1½. A sparkling win, and a match in which it was a pleasure to participate.

Division 1 Standings

  1. Hendon 1 – 10.5/11 (64)
  2. Kings Head 1 – 9/11 (60)
  3. Ealing 1 – 7.5/11 (57.5)
  4. Muswell Hill 1 – 6.5/14 (50.5)
  5. Hackney 1 – 4.5/9 (36)
  6. Hackney 2 – 3.5/13 (43)
  7. Hammersmith 1 – 2/11 (25.5)
  8. West London 1 – 1.5/10 (23.5)